1. Western – Featured here, French front, B33B hidden snap down ( “S” under button down column ). And pearl snaps ( button also option)
    Western Front Yoke Panels automatic when selecting “Western Back “. Front style and pockets are designers discretion
  2. Western Yoke Back, to order mark “X” under Western box on back style.
    Also depicted “Scalloped Collar Leaf” not automatic on western shirts ( can be done on any order ).
    Request scallop collar in comment section.

Couture – Double Stacked Collar Buttons

  • Contrast Button hole Stretching
  • Diagonal Body Button Holes & Contrast Button Hole Stitching

Couture – Contrast Button Hole

  • Contrast button stitch “B-S”
  • Contrast button hole “B-H”

Couture – Contrast Top Stitch

button hole, button stitch and gusset also Harris contrasts

Couture – Double Stitching

Saddle Stitching

To request saddle stitching, indicate “Saddle Stitch ” C&C for collar and cuff and thread color desired.

Pic Stitching

To request pic stitching, indicate ” Pic Stitch” C&C for collar and cuff and thread color desired ( Works best on flat weaves like broadcloth, with minimal patterns)

White Collar and Pic Stitching

Contrasting Crowsfoot Button

Reverse Stripe Collar & Cuff (Horizontal Body)

Horizontal front ( & Back not pictured ) and sleeves. Request Horizontal FT/BK/SLV Reverse Stripe collar & cuff. Request Rev C&C (Rev C&C not automatic when requesting horizontal FT/ BK/SLV)

Triple Stacked Front Buttons

Diagonal front buttons with contrasting button hole stitching To request, indicate single, double or triple stack 45 degree bias B-H Pictured here X3 angle B-H

Harris Inside Collar and Cuffs, Contrasting Button Hole Stitching