Dear Friends,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Said Cushmeer and I am the Owner of Said Cushmeer Custom Clothier, LLC. I have worked tirelessly to establish my business in Northeast Ohio. Starting a business is a rigorous challenge, but my love for fashion and class would not allow me to give up.

My mission is to establish the standard of dress that is impeccable and meticulous. My promise to you, the customer, is to provide an extraordinary level of respect and customer service. We will always provide you with noble materials and exclusive fabrics that will help us to meet your particular needs. Our overall goal is to build rapport with our client base, create mutually positive interactions, and 100% guarantee that our customer is completely satisfied as a direct result of doing business with us.

I believe a leading man should wear his clothing with elegance and character.

I would love to speak with you regarding an opportunity to serve you as a personal clothier and stylist. I look forward to getting to know you – as well as finding and meeting all your clothing needs. Thank you.

Your Personal Stylist,

Said Cushmeer