Collar Components

Point Length / Spread

Back Collar Leaf Height

Front Band Height

Ordering Format


  • Back Collar Leaf Height "B"
  • Spread "3"
  • Point Length "2"
  • Front Band Height "B"


Back Collar Leaf Height:

Point Length:

Front Band Height:

Back Collar Leaf Height:

Style Book Collar Page Example:

Common Collar Styles:

B32B 1/4 or 0 Tie Space:
Most common style for stays and average neck size

B33B 1/4 or 0:
Most common style for button down and average neck size

Important Note:

Any collar can be curved.
Simply put "C" at the end of order format.

Spread samples


Pictured B12B 1.75″ back leaf with 1-spread, 3″ point length & .75″ front band height.

Most suitable for skinny tie knots.


Pictured B22B 1.75″ back leaf with 2-spread , 3 ” point length & .75″ front band height.

Most Suitable tie knots with tab & eyelet collars.


Pictured B32B 1.75″ back leaf with 3-spread, 3″ point length & .75″ front band height.

Classic spread collar suitable for most tie knots.


Pictured B40B 1.75″ back leaf with 4-spread, 2.5″ point length & .75″ front band height.

Most commonly used as a formal collar.


Pictured B51B 1.75″ back leaf with 5-spread , 2.75″ point length & .75″ front band height.

Safest of spread collars for any tie knot or face type.


Pictured B62B 1.75″ back leaf with 6-spread, 3″ point length & .75′ front band height.

Least spread of “spread” collars, best to be worn with large tie knot.


Pictured B72B 1.75″ back leaf with 7-spread, 3″ point length & .75″ front band height.

Wide spread collar, best worn with full windsor knots.


SPREAD C83C 2″ back leaf with 8-spread, 3.25″ point length & 1″ front band height.

Extreme spread collar, to be worn with large, full knots, very European.


Spread C93C 2″ back leaf with 9-spread, 3.25″ point length & 1″ front band height.

Extreme, almost backward spread very British.

Collar Styles

B33B – Buttondown

Pictured B33B 1.75″ back leaf with 3- Spread , 3.25″ point length & .75″ front band height.

Traditional button down collar. To order mark “X” under button down column, for a roll, mark “X/R” under button down column.

Hidden Buttondown

To order hidden button down collars, indicate “H”, “T” OR”C” under the BD column on order form.

Any collar can be done as hidden, they can also be ordered with stays.


The Mitchell BD collar is a mid point of button down, commonly found on European design shirts.

Executive Buttondown

The Executive button down is simply a third button at the back of neck.


Wing collar featured here is CwingC. Can also be ordered with “stitch-down wings” (request in comments). Also common on wing collars are tunnel loops, serving double purpose, they hide the neck band of a bow tie as well as keep it from coming free from the collar while wearing.

Best done as EDGE stitch. Can be ordered in “A”, “B”, “C”, “D” heights.


A band collar can be ordered in “A”, “B”, “C” & “D” heights.

Gate Band

A gate collar can be ordered in “A” , “B”, “C” & “D” heights.

Versace Band

A Versace band is basically a short wing collar that does not have the pressed down wings. Can be ordered in “A”, “B”, “C” & “D” heights.

B Eton

Traditionally an ETON collar is a 3-spread with intended 2.5″ point. Any collar can be made with a blunted point, to indicate roundness, reference “nickel”, “dime”, “quarter”. These collars work well with eyelest and tabs. A club collar is usually 7-spread w/” half -dollar” round.

Camp & Vanishing Band

Image 1: Camp collar is a “bandless” collar, must be ordered on a sport front. Most commonly done as no stays or any other detail, Can be made with loop closure or button hole closure. Pictured here with loop.

Image 2: Vanishing band collar is similar to camp collar, best ordered on a sport front (but can be done on any type ). This collar has a standard band in the back , but no band in the front. Can be ordered with stays or any other detail. Can be made with loop closure or button hole closure. Pictured here with button closure.


Tab collars work best with a 2 spread. Can be made with snap “x”, button “B”, Loop “L” or Stud “T” Indicate letter style under Tab Column

Double-Stacked Buttons

Front band must be ordered as a “D” height to get double buttons at collar closure

Standard aligned double buttons. Must request “2 -button collar band” in comment section

Off-set double stacked buttons. Must request “2- button off-set collar band ” in comment section

Curve Point

Style illustrated is the “Riley”/ Write Riley in collar style box on order form

Point Length on Riley is Approx. 3” on a 4 Spread

The Riley is the Most Frequently Ordered Curved Point Collar

Any Spread Can be ordered with a curved point / Write “Curved” Under Style Ordered For Example /B32 curved

“X” the stays Collar Detail Box on the Order form


Order “Apollo” in collar style box

Point Length is Approx. 3 1/4″

Highly Stylized Collar

Usually Ordered w. zero tie-space and Built -up (Heavier /Stiffer) Lining.

Looks best w. Edge Stitch

Apollo Style Covers Most of the tie knot/ not suited for large tie knot