Pleat Front

A Center Pleat Front , most traditional shirt front style. Comes with a no-fuse lining (can be ordered as “3-ply” very soft construction).

To order, mark “X” in Pleat box.

Standard delivery is with 1/4″ stitching, to order with 1/16″ stitch, indicate “E/S” in Pleat box.

When ordering tuxedo with pleats , this is the best front style.

French Front

A French front is similar look to a Press Back, the main difference being there is no-fuse lining construction and 1/4″ stitching along the front.

To order, mark “X” under the French box. (to order with 1/16″ stitch, mark “E/S”)

This too, is a good front style when ordering a tuxedo with contrast or self fabric as bibbing (not a pleated bib).

Pressed Back Front

A Press Back is a plain front with no lining or stitching. (Often confused with a French front.)

To order, mark “X” under the PB box.

This is a clean and contemporary front style.

This is a good front style when ordering a tuxedo with contrast or self fabric as bibbing (not a pleated bib).

Fly Front

A Fly front (also called “French Fly”) is a covered button front.

Most commonly ordered with formal shirts when not using studs. Also a little more unique look on Casual shirts.

Can also order a “Center Pleat Fly” which is a Fly font but with a Center Pleat rather than the plain front.

Formal Shirts – Pleat Front

1/4* Pleats

1/2* Pleats

1* Pleats

Formal Shirts – Bib Front

Bib Fronts, are formal shirts usually using a pique fabric (waffle pique pictured here), self bib can be done as well.

Wiffle pique bibs also look nice with matching collar and cuffs.


Pullover shirts (also known as “popovers” )are best made with a Pleat front (can also be done with Fly). Best not to cut with too trim of an allowance over skin.

Sport Front

  • No Pleat/ No Stitch / No Lining
  • Both the Left and Right Fronts Have a Full 3 1/2 ” Reverse (Fold-Back )
  • Order by Writing a ‘X’ in the Sport Front Style Box
  • When the collar is Worn Unbuttoned the Reverse Shows the Face-Side of the Fabric.
  • No Stitch or Pleat Visible as w. Other Front Styles
  • A Good Style for a Sport Shirt
  • Made for Use with a Set-On-Collar / Either the vanishing Band or Camp Collar.